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In today’s world, one of the most popular ways of shipment is sea transport. The widespread use of this method of transportation is due to its ability to deliver cargo within a certain time frame and at an affordable cost. One of the most demanding aspects of shipment of cargo is its handling at various ports due to the vast resources, time and effort involved. However, with the right choice of company to provide this type of service and engagement of the right professionals the whole experience can be made so much easier. This is where our company can help meet your needs.

Our staff deal directly with businesses which provide stevedore services at all Ukrainian ports, both sea and river. We are able to ensure that the loading and unloading work is carried out in the most time efficient manner without compromising the quality of the task and in accordance with any technical requirements of our client. Our team of professionals will monitor every step of the way so the customer can rest assured about the quality of loading of their cargo. We will ensure the safety of goods before and during transportation as well as guarantee correct handling plus weighing and sorting of cargo where necessary.

It is important to choose a trusted expert who is able to offer a full range of such services as well as commit to overseeing the work of third parties such as ground carriers, railway service etc. Our team of professionals come highly recommended due to their wealth of experience when it comes to sea and rail transportation. We would be delighted to see how we can help deliver your goods to their port of destination.

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