Marine transportation remains the most widely used means of transportation and shipment of cargo. One of its main benefits is the option of delivering huge volumes of cargo to the desired destination within a set timescale. Besides, this method is also highly reliable because sea transportation is also the safest and cheapest form of transport. Nowadays the vast majority of domestic companies rely on shipment of their cargo via river and sea transportation. However every ship owner is at the mercy of the local port/government authorities and stringent regulations to abide by. The speed of delivery and the correct handling of cargo is directly dependent on following the right rules and procedures. Hence why most people would seek solutions to simplify the process without compromising the end result.

When offering chartering services, our team of professionals recognise the importance of entering into the contract between the charterer and the shipowner for the shipment of goods by sea. One must be prepared to deal with every eventuality of loading, transport and unloading of cargo in accordance with international law in order to ensure smooth handling of goods. Furthermore, when drawing up a contract it is imperative to consider the needs and wishes of both the shipowner and the charterer.

Should you wish receive advice on any aspects of chartering, our experts would be delighted to answer your questions. Our priority is always to minimise all associated risks and eliminate stress for our clients when faced with challenging situations.

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