Provision of supply services to vessels

One of the key aspects of vessel ownership which must not be overlooked by the shipowners is the supply of ships with all the necessary goods, food and other provisions. Although it may seem as a straightforward task, there could potentially be certain formalities and nuances associated with local customs regulations and established practices at ports of destination. These issues must often need to be resolved within a tight timeframe and with minimal expenditure for the ship owner.


Our professionals have vast experience, as well as all the necessary skills to enable them to offer full range of services in relation to supply services and maintenance of ships. Our expertise enables us to supply the vessel crew with all necessary goods duly cleared through customs and ensuring fast turnaround without compromising on quality of service.


In light of the aforementioned facts, we would urge you to consider the services our team of specialists are able to offer. Our staff are able to offer general ship supply starting from vital mechanical parts for the engine room to delivering ropes, maps, lifeboats and any other equipment on request. Furthermore, besides the mechanical supplies and accessories we can also arrange delivery of drinking water, full range of fresh or dry food provisions as well engine/deck/cabin stores. Each and every vessel that we provide services to is also supplied with first aid kits and any necessary medication.

As a result, the ship owner’s mind can be at rest that the vessel’s crew is well looked after and supplied with all the necessities.

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