Ship management

Since its inception, our company has earned the reputation of being a market leader when it comes to sea transportation and we are proud of our vast experience and knowledge in this particular market. It is no secret that by opting to carry goods by sea is one of the most profitable solutions. This option is reliant on shipowners willing to provide their vessels on mutually beneficial terms for this purpose. If you own a vessel and wish to start investing into this type of activity, you ought to appreciate that this market has its own strict and well-established rules and nothing is ever as easy as it seems. This industry demands a highly professional approach to chartering a vessel, control of disbursement accounts at ports of loading / unloading, recruitment of ship crew members, supply of spare parts, bunkering, repairs, etc. If you wish to outsource handling of all these stressful and tedious tasks to seasoned professionals, then our company would be delighted to assist with all aspects of ship management.

We have a proven track record and vast experience in helping small and large enterprises to achieve their goals and maximise profits. Our team of experts are able to offer you a full range of ship management services. We pride ourselves on our individual approach to every situation, ability to deliver high level of maintenance of your vessel whilst ensuring its safety and efficiency. We work hard to achieve cost savings for our clients every step of the way whilst maximising their profits.

Our company is able to offer an honest and transparent approach to management in order to build strong foundations for cooperation. We are able to source high calibre staff for your vessel and provide you with timely updates every step of the way.

If you wish to take away the stress of day to day operation of your vessel – please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation quote in this regard.

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