It is a well established fact that Ukraine is one of the key players in the export of grains and other agricultural crops arena due to the country’s fertile soil, abundant water resources and most importantly favourable climate, which enables us to grow all types of high quality crops all around the country.

Thanks to the guaranteed crops and their consistent high quality, the agricultural output of Ukraine is appreciated all around the world. For that reason a lot of the agricultural businesses are on the permanent look out for skilful traders who are happy to purchase the crops for onward supply to buyers in any part of the world at a competitive price.

International markets have long relied on crops coming from Ukrainian suppliers therefore there is no concern of this demand ever slowing down.

If you wish to see your goods delivered worldwide, generating you high and sustainable profits – you may wish to consider a mutually beneficial solution of engaging our company. We are not only highly experienced in the sale of agricultural crops for export, but also in all aspects of transportation of goods around the world. For that reason we can safely say that you will not be disappointed if you chose to use our services. Our employees are highly skilled professionals with combined decades of experience in this area.

Prior to entrusting us with your goods, you have an opportunity to familiarise yourself with and sign our engagement letter which clearly sets out our terms of business and conditions for provision of services as well as lists obligations of both parties to the contract.


In terms of shipping goods worldwide, our team most often rely on sea transport. This option is not only the most profitable but also the most safe and secure method of transport for all concerned i.e. for our company, the end buyer and, of course, for you. When using this type of cargo transportation, there are a number of hoops to jump through which can overwhelm an inexperienced user.

Your safest bet is to entrust an experienced professional who specialises in these things day to day and able to find a quick solution to any problem. We will ensure that all conditions for the transportation of cargo meet the right technical requirements and specifications, thus ensuring the safety of your goods and safeguarding their quality. We are the trusted provider of these services for a large number of suppliers as well as buyers around the world.

In order to eliminate any risks, all goods handled by us will be insured, which guarantees you compensation for losses in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong. With regards to any finance aspects – we use the services of only reputable global banks, which guarantees transparency and integrity of every transaction.

Trading through our company will be a profitable and honest engagement for you.

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